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Why Custom Design?

If you can automate a task you do every day, how much time will that save you in a year

Are you one of the following

  • Individual with an idea
  • Small or Medium business
  • Non-profit Organization - Call us to find out how we can help you lower costs
  • Enterprise - do you need consultation on your own in-house project or need more workforce but do not want to hire more staff

Do you need

  • A new software that has custom features that are not available in off-the-shelf software packages?
  • Consultation on your next project?
  • To link your current system to your website?
  • To link your current system to accounting software such as
  • To SMS your clients from your system
  • To automatically email your clients
  • Barcoding or QR codes to speed up your workflow
  • Integrate RFID to tag your assets and manage inventory

How it's done.

  • We will assign a project manager so you will have direct contact with him/her whenever you need. Thus, avoiding call queues.
  • Project manager will visit you to gain some knowledge of what you do.
  • He will observe and study your workflow.
  • Once the workflow is identified, it is then broken into processes and flow charts are created before discussion with the project team.
  • Finally, recommendations are made on ways to better improve your business workflow to increse efficiencies and automate processes where possible.

We can help improve your business workflow

We have development, integration and deployment experience in

  • Healthcare systems
  • Retail Point of sale
  • Cloud based systems
  • Reservation systems
  • Invoicing, inventory and accounting systems
  • Mobile Apps
  • Interactive display systems

What you can expect from us

  • We never outsource any of your projects
  • Have conversation in person or phone
  • To give you a fixed price before starting a project so there are no hidden costs
  • There are times even we cannot come up with a solution to a problem in this case we will simply tell you
  • Your project details and ideas are kept confidential (We will sign Non-Disclosure Agreement before we start)
  • Complete the project from start to finish including deployment of the system and training of staff
  • Provide maintenance and support after completion of the project
  • Free maintenance and bug fixes up to 3 months from completion of the project

Technologies we use

Price Estimations

It is very difficult to provide prices without knowing the functionality of the project. However, we can give you a ballpark figure at our initial discussions before we proceed to analyse the project and give you a fixed price.

Pricing models
  • You keep the source code - this will be more expensive for a simple application that takes about 2 months to develop this can start from$12,000
  • We keep the source code - You will get the project for less but only we will be able to make modifications or upgrades in future, with this model we can start from $8,000

Payment options
  • Pay as we deliver features of your project
  • Pay in instalments
  • Pay as a service and reduce your capital investment and gain tax benefits e.g. pay a monthly fee for the use of software
  • We can look at investing on your software

Think of the software that is specifically designed and built to your requirements from ground up as an asset instead of an expense that will save you money and effort in the long run. The value of your company will increase if you have a custom software that runs your business.

How good will you feel when you know that you helped come up with the design and idea to a system that you use every day at work! With custom software your business will improve its efficiency and productivity and the software will work for you instead of you working for the software like an off-the-shelf system.