Radiology Information System (RIS)

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SigmaRIS The Comprehensive Radiology Solution

Over the past few years, Sigmalogic worked closely with Radiologists, Obstetricians, Radiographers, Sonographers, and Administrative staff to develop a comprehensive solution for medical imaging practices-SigmaRIS. Taking into account the problems users face in most practices using other RIS systems, SigmaRIS deals with them effectively by using cutting edge technologies to provide a reliable, proficient, effective, and affordable Radiology Information System.

While RIS systems in general can be both very expensive and difficult to learn and use, SigmaRIS provides and incredibly economical RIS solution that is both easy to learn and enjoyable to use.

SigmaRIS Feature Highlights

  • Automated billing: Fully-integrated billing, collections and revenue cycle management through the integration of Xero online accounting services
  • Full EDI capabilities: Electronic claim submission, remittance and eligibility verification
  • Tele-radiology: View images and do all your reporting from home
  • Advanced scheduler: Multi-modality scheduling, insurance eligibility verification, pre-certification lists
  • Customized workflow: Complete control and oversight of the flow of patients and information through the facility, fully customizable
  • Digital transcription: Recording for manual transcription and voice recognition transcription systems
  • Management reporting: Revenue, referral and productivity reports
  • Scanning: Integrated document and image scanning
  • Healthlink compliant: Integrates with all industry-standard external records systems to automatically deliver reports to referring doctors
  • DICOM work lists: Provides study and demographic information to the the modalities
  • Referring physician Web portal: Request appointments, view appointment lists, view images via PACS, view medical reports
  • Patient Web portal: Patients can fill out forms, make payments and request appointments – all online
  • PACS integration: SigmaRIS integrates with OsiriX (insert link to our PACS page) or with your existing PACS from other providers, including Agfa, Centricity, DR, Dynamic Imaging, ERAD, Fuji, Intellirad, Merge, Phillips and many more
  • IPad & Iphone Integration: View patient images on the go (ideal for referrers)
  • Automatic work-list for modalities: No need to re-enter patient details at the modality, instead simply select the patient from the list
  • Automated faxing: Fax reports to referrers automatically
  • Automated SMS Services: Appointment reminders can be sent automatically with clinic location and a secure link to enable patients to prefill information to save time
  • DICOM compliant: Compatible with any modality that supports DICOM. Tested with Phillips, GE, Toshiba, Nomad, Kodak, Carestream
  • Attach Files To Appointments: Scanned documents or pdf’s can be easily attached to store an electronic record

DICOM Medical Imaging & PACS Medical Imaging Software Compliance

SigmaRIS provides compliance with DICOM medical imaging software and DICOM worklist standards. Furthermore, this DICOM-enabled solution is fully supported by different types of PACS radiology systems and PACS medical imaging software, for practices already using a PACS solution. SigmaRIS has the ability to convert the tags in the DICOM medical imaging software format coming from different vendors’ equipment into usable titles in the RIS radiology system.

DICOM Worklist / Modality Work List / Modality Scheduling Solution

Modality Scheduling Solution

One of the earliest issues that plagued the progress of radiology information systems and PACS software systems integration was an issue of communication between Health Level-7 (HL7) and DICOM medical imaging software. DICOM modality work list and modality scheduling have resolved the problem. This software and hardware solution is capable of receiving HL7 communications from
Radiology Information System software solutions, then charting the data to produce DICOM medical imaging software messages for transmission to the PACS medical imaging software. This flow of work requires all facets of information – both patient and examination – produced from the Radiology Information Systems to flow to the DICOM work list / modality work list, and DICOM modality scheduling solutions.

SigmaRIS represents a dramatic advance in the technology for acquiring, distributing, retrieving, displaying and storing images. It meets the demands coming from end-users in radiology clinics and hospitals for seamless access from a single end user point.