About Us

Sigmalogic's mission is to provide technology driven business solutions that result in superior productivity

Sigmalogic is an international software development company with years of experience in desktop, mobile and web application development. Sigmalogic was inaugurated in 2009 focusing on hardware support and maintenance. A niche was identified as several business and corporate clients proposed complex situations with unproductive or without solution. Changing the direction of the company's concentration it was decided that the focus would be software development and consequently Sigmalogic was conceptualised to aid these clients and others alike. Our professional team has in-depth expertise in such key technologies as Java, PHP, .Net as well as profound knowledge of iOS, Android, Windows Phone development tools. Sigmalogic offers full-cycle development services from business analysis, software design and prototyping to development, QA services, post-project maintenance and support.

Why UsThe name "Sigmalogic" comes form the words 'sigma' that in mathematics has the symbol Σand indicates the summation of numbers or quantities indicated and 'logic' which is the branch of philosophy concerned with analysing the patterns of reasoning by which a conclusion is properly drawn from a set of premises, without reference to meaning or context. Therefore Sigmalogic to us is the summation of pattern analysis drawn from a set of premises that leads to a conclusive solution to our client's problem.

Since then, Sigmalogic has grown and matured to a provider of custom software solutions to a range of industrial clients that include: healthcare, mining, construction, retail, tourism, e-commerce, real estate and more. What started off as a home based business by two engineering grad students, now has its headquarters in Bibra Lake, Western Australia and three offices around South East Asia. Sigmalogic is determined to provide professional tools that small to medium sized businesses (SMB) and Fortune 500 enterprises need to compete using solutions that lower expenses and promote your companies growth.

To learn more about Sigmalogic and how we can help your business, please contact us.