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Kiosk Application Screenshot Sigmalogic specialises in kiosk application development and design.

Touchscreens and panels are increasingly the interface of choice where self-service is the objective since it is very intuitive and with the right application can simplify complex processes for the end user. To meet the precise requirements of the customers, Sigmalogic utilises highly experienced and skilled kiosk software developers, programmers, designers and multimedia artists to offer a custom-made kiosk software and application development service.

Kiosk software development is a new service provided by Sigmalogic. Every kiosk application development and deployment is distinctive and has to be tailor-made to facilitate client needs and requests while ensuring the solution created is effective and efficient in executing its function.

There are two main classifications of kiosks that are commonly developed: Information based kiosks and Transaction based kiosks.

Information Kiosks

  • Captivating displays at trade shows
  • Tourism industry
  • Museums, galleries, exhibitions
  • Health: hospitals, pharmacies, medical centres
  • Government services
  • Community services and training
  • Universities: libraries, lecture theatres
  • Corporate foyers
  • Supermarkets
  • Directory assistance
  • Human resource management
  • Corporate intranet
  • Point of information
  • Sporting venues
  • Hotels
  • Retail outlets: photographic and music stores, real estate agents
  • Internet and intranet
  • Smart phones
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Process control systems

Transaction Kiosks

  • Movie theatres: ticket transactions and session times
  • Sporting events: ticket collection
  • Banking: transactions, information and loan applications
  • Transport industry: ticket transactions
  • Insurance
  • On-line catalogues
  • Foreign currency exchange
  • Airport information: hotel bookings, car hire
  • Gaming applications
  • Vending machines
  • Financial trading terminals
  • Lottery kiosks
  • Government services: rate payments, parking permits, vehicle registration

Apart from ensuring that the kiosks look good, the focus of kiosk application development is on effectiveness, usability and simplicity to be used by the end users.

Contact Sigmalogic today for all your kiosk software development and kiosk design needs to find out how we can make your dream a reality.